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  • Personal storage
  • Family storage
  • Enterprise storage
  • Student storage


Help you find a piece of my own heart harbour, retain the dribs and drabs and memories

If you need to deposit personal privacy items...
  • luggage
    Traveling on business, tourism, and too much luggage? In midtown from inventory! Both short-term and long-term demand deposit, help you reduce easily
  • Collect souvenirs
    Witness children growth footprint of toys, paintings, photo album Musical Instruments Like to collect the lover of calligraphy and painting, such as books, model, items in taking up space in the home, in midtown from storage allows you to rest easy
  • Small private warehouse
    Individual legal privacy items, need a belong to their own private space, let you access, free from absolute secrecy security, precious things need to find a midtown safekeeping for storage


Let you and your family no longer subject to the clutter interference, enjoy family life

If you need to deposit household articles for daily use...
  • Home decoration
    Size pieces of furniture, POTS and pans, a sofa, a television and other valuables can t find the place temporary storage? Find a midtown from inventory
  • Home space is too small
    Some idle items, baby toys, out-of-season clothes take up too much space, how to do? Find a midtown from inventory
  • Seasonal storage
    For seasonal items, such as clothing, bedding, snow tires of change garments according to the store? Find a midtown from inventory


Help you find a piece of my own heart harbour, retain the dribs and drabs and memories

If you need to deposit the enterprise office supplies...
  • Enterprise archives
    Stub files more and more, a mountain, and cannot be destroyed, the enterprise needs a file repository
  • Exhibition supplies
    Using low frequency devices cannot take up valuable office space for a long time, can be stored in a midtown for storage
  • Electrical business inventories
    Midtown since inventory can be a medium and small electric commercial goods warehouse, ensure taobao sellers, wechat business goods storage
  • Transshipment of goods
    Enterprises need to store all kinds of foreign trade goods, transshipment goods, etc , and provide free freight elevators and carts and other tools


Midtown from storage to provide you with safe and reliable individual storage units, let you at ease to use, feel free to use

lf you need to deposit personal belongings at school...
  • Graduation items short-term deposit
    University graduates luggage both short-term and long-term preferred midtown from inventory
  • The valuables deposit during the holiday
    Summer vacation to take so much luggage home, because can not find the right people managed, short and long term storage in the city first luggage storage


Change the way you live, live free to enjoy the extra space to play, the home is where do you live in, does not mean that the storage.
  • Sunshine natural
  • Multiple security
  • Transport facilitation
  • Size varied
  • Flexible tenancy
  • Free access
  • One-stop service
  • Ground storage space
    Midtown since storage option property to build high quality storage space on the ground, the ground not only neat and bright, handling, storage and more safe and reliable.
  • Natural sunlight radiation
    Midtown since the silo with good natural lighting conditions, can be directly through the wide glass window sunlight reservoir area, will not only help of the daylighting, and the ultraviolet ray in sunshine can sterilization.
  • Natural fresh air
    Midtown, since the inventory take advantage of natural ventilation, through natural ventilation regularly, make your items "breath of fresh air.
  • Constant temperature and humidity control
    Midtown since the inventory control in temperature throughout the year for 14 to26 degrees Celsius, humidity remain between 30% and 60%, store items more care for you.
  • Triple Safety Assurance
    Midtown self-help warehouse by whole security alarm system, CCTV hd CCTV, real-name intelligent entrance guard system constitute a triple security, combined with the administrator time tour warehouse, complete configuration of fire fighting, 
  • Independent door lock
    Traditional warehouse storage is easily to the distinction between area for segmentation, can't get tight security, safety and private midtown since the storage system and strictly implement one storehouse door lock system independently.
  • Insurance services, free gift
    Midtown since the silo joint insurance company based in warehouse for each user to provide insurance, and issue a corresponding policies, the above insurance included in your use warehouse cost, you don't need to pay extra. You can if you need to purchase additional insurance.
  • Superior position
    Traditional warehouse in the suburbs of the city, midtown the silo in urban core area, guarantee the customer can at any time and easily find our inventory.
  • Transport facilitation
    Midtown since the silo with only select surrounding a large number of bus lines and subway transportation hub in the site for the goods storage requirements of customers to provide services.
  • Adequate parking spaces
    Midtown since the storage location is located in the large-scale high-end area, with plenty of parking space, can let your vehicle running smoothly, to waive your parking concerns.
  • Any space
    Midtown from different storage silo fully for the social people from all walks of life demand, customized reasonable specification from storage. In our inventory, you can choose from the volume of 0.8 cubic meters to 26 different type warehouse to store items.
  • Function changed
    Midtown since the inventory from the perspective of rational utilization of storage space, in view of the size, style complex objects, particularly with functional diversity, flexible combination of the changed parts, your goods can be put in good order, make you more at ease.
  • Flexible tenancy
    Flexible lease regardless of the length, all according to your demand, as little as 30 days, up to 10 years. We also certify that during the period of lease, you can lift type storehouse and change the lease at any time.
  • discount price
    Midtown since the inventory is not because of low cost and lower the quality of customer storage services, but by the customer store experience, priority depends on the cost pricing method to the standard price for the general customers to provide storage service.
  • Free access 24 hours a day
    Service 24 hours a day, 365 days, the member to the system of intelligent entrance guard card in and out at any time. In nearly 200 square meters area of free space can rest and recreation, free publication, tea and wi-fi, warm and thoughtful, build the free and comfortable home for you.
  • The whole service
    Midtown since the inventory not only provide you with high quality storage service, and also have their own transport strategic partners, we will provide you with one-stop parity door-to-door transport service, truly one-stop services.
  • Chain operation, trustworthy
    Midtown since the inventory at present we have many chain stores in all parts of Shanghai, system management, and convenient when necessary you can find our the first time.

Management process

Storage is not single and storage of goods, midtown let storage become more diverse, deposit for the consumers to create a better experience
  • The first step
    Choose warehouse type
  • The second step
    Get quotes
  • The third step
    To deal with the formalities
  • The fourth step
    Packaging transportation
  • The fifth step
    Moved into the Midtown storage

Customer testimonials

Create additional space, enjoy the inner peace
  • Miss wang, Mr. Liu, the newlyweds
    Because there is no house, we have been slow to wedding; Mother said that she and dad's house went to we get married, I how willing to let my parents left the house of life for a lifetime? Midtown from inventory to help us achieve a solution: parents old furniture, old read would like to deposit into the midtown since the silo, we decorate the house to do the bridal chamber; Our economy is applicable the room got this year, mom and dad's old furniture goes back to the bridal chamber.
  • Peter, the German students
    Just came to Shanghai, I want to experience the local conditions and customs of China better, so I choose to rent a house to live, but the room is not very big, so I've been to clothing store problems often do not use. Browsing happened to find the midtown for storage, makes me very excited, the second day I'll check in to store my clothes, thank you very much during the staff patiently helped me choose my warehouse.
  • Lin Manage Linting manager
    Thank you very much in my hurry when the goods storage provides a timely help, and in the Mid Autumn Festival overtime to help me carry the exhibition objects, the problems encountered in the payment process, you understand that, at the same time and patience to help me solve all the problems, once again thank you for your cooperation and for my convenience, I wish Business Flourishes.
  • Mr. Li, outdoor enthusiasts
    Mr. Li more than 40 years old, is the company's executives; At the same time is also thought that wild fishing enthusiasts. Came to midtown from inventory, he just got back from fishing boat mountains. Listen to his colleagues said that Shanghai has since inventory, very excited; Work in the United States, his personal items and beloved fishing gear is self storage. After the return to Shanghai, always can't give his beloved fishing gear to find good storage place; Right now, Mr. Li send fishing tackle all exist in midtown from inventory, every weekend and holidays he took fishing out wild fishing, easily enjoy the holiday.

Store address

Provide self-service storage facilities and services affordable, flexible lease, year-round
store >Midtown Puxi shop
Customer store address
Shanghai Putuo District Lane 613 Suide Road, No.19, 5F
Customer reception time
From Monday to Sunday 9:00-18:00
Free storage time
24 hours a day, all year round
  • subway
  • bus
  • driving
Line 11, qilian mountain road subway coverage
727 road, 744 road, 838 road, 937 road, 1223 road, 1206 road
10 minutes drive to the central elevated xincun road entrance
  • Problem:What size of storage units can Midtown storage provid?
    Answer:Our storage unit size from 0.8 cubic meter to 26 cubic meters, there are a variety of sizes to choose from.
  • Problem:What kind of payment method can I pay?
    Answer:We accept unionpay, VISA, mastercard credit CARDS and cash payment. Customers are the proceeds by t/t to midtown MIDTWN bank account.
  • Problem:When can I access my storage unit?
    Answer:In any period of time (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) unrestricted access to access their own items.
  • Problem:which file and documents need to prepare when registered in the name of a person?
    Answer:Personal id card or passport.
  • Problem:which file and documents need to prepare when registered in the name of a enterprise?
    Answer:The company's business license copies (or copies), build official seal, agent id copy.
Telephone hotline400-680-5507
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  • Company address:Shanghai Putuo District Lane 613 Suide Road, No.19, 5F
  • Business Consulting Hotline:021-56790335
  • Customer complaint telephone:021-56790335-808
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